Austin FHA Loan Programs

Austin FHA Loan

With the help of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Leaman Team Powered by New American Funding can offer potential homeowners an even better deal on their home loans. There are several benefits associated with FHA insured home loans and our team of mortgage professionals offer three FHA loan programs to qualified borrowers nationwide. Listed below is more information regarding the FHA Loan programs that Leaman Team Powered by New American Funding offers as well as the benefits associated with an FHA insured home loan.


FHA Purchase/Refinance Program

Leaman Team Powered by New American Funding offers the FHA Purchase/Refinance home loan to qualified borrowers in Austin and nationwide. This loan is great for a wide variety of potential homeowners. Generally, it is easier to qualify for an FHA home loan making it an appealing option to first time homebuyers who typically are young and still owe student loans or carry other forms of debt. However, FHA home mortgages aren’t just for first time homebuyers. The FHA Refinance Program can help people get out of their harmful debt conditions produced by sub-prime mortgages with interest rates that have escalated beyond belief. Additional advantages of the FHA Purchase/Refinance Program include:


  • Only 3.5% down payment required

  • Lower FICO scores are accepted

  • There is no set income level for borrowers


FHA $100 Down Payment Program

Believe it or not, but Leaman Team Powered by New American Funding offers an FHA $100 down home loan program. With this program, eligible borrowers nationwide can receive funding for their future home with just $100 down. In order to become eligible for this program, potential home buyers must:


  1. First, borrowers must be eligible for an FHA Loan. To find out if you qualify, contact a Leaman Team mortgage professional by filling out a form on the left or call (512) 717-4299.

  3. After you have been approved for an FHA Loan, you should pick out an HUD-owned home to purchase.

  5. Next, establish that you wish to buy the HUD-owned home for a primary residence.

  7. Finally, you must offer the full amount that is being asked for the home.

If you have any further questions regarding FHA insured home loans, contact Leaman Team Powered by New American Funding today by filling out a form on the right or call (512) 717-4299.